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Having a home inspection before you place your home on the market brings awareness of any potential issues that may impact the sale price of your home. A pre-sale home inspection is a marketing tool that can assist you in listing your home for fair market price without the worries of unexpected price reduction costs.


Home inspections completed before purchasing a home gives you an initial introduction to the home allowing you to become familiar with any issues that may require attention and provides information about maintenance required to protect your investment. A pre-purchase home inspection identifies any major or minor repairs required and gives the buyer a negotiating tool for ether a reduction in purchase cost or request to have the deficiencies corrected.

New Construction

When purchasing a newly constructed home a buyer may not think a home inspection is required. However a home inspection on a newly constructed building can provide the buyer with information about their new home and create a deficiency list that the purchaser can bring forward to the builder.

Custom Detailed Electronic Reporting

Your home inspection report will be customized to describe the systems and components of the home, identify any limitations encountered during the inspection and recommendations to correct potential issues to current industry standards. All reports will include maintenance tips for different aspects of the home as well as photos and illustrations to display the potential issues addressed. Your customized electronic report is sent directly to you and anyone else you request.