Expertise, Reliability, Performance = Peace of Mind

Here comes the sun!!

The calendar tells us Summer is just around the corner but the weather says no way. Regardless we must prepare for outdoor activities by prepping our outdoor areas. How is this an inspection issue you may ask but as an inspector we must inspect and describe exterior landscaping and structure and add our recommendations. Thanks to the West Coast weather these features take a beating every winter and need inspection and maintenance every Spring. Stair treads, decks, patios and walkways need cleaning and preventitive safety measures added. I always suggest adding a non-slip material or substance to all these especially on wooden stairs. A granular covering can be added to pretty much any concrete surface. Vinyl and fibreglass decks need to be purged and cleaned from grime and slime. Yeah this may be all maintenace related but it is something I will note during my inspection. Safety is first and foremost while I’m doing your home inspection and poor surfaces are 1 of thousands of potential issues I’m on the lookout for. Now for that glass of white wine and the Sun……

Bottoms Up!

I find myself saying to clientele during home inspections “You are only strong as your weakest link.” Hmmmm lets look at that, during inspections we look at a basic 9 components, Structure being one. Part of that aspect is the foundation, the back bone and as the name depicts the foundation in which everything is based off of. If the foundation has issues so do you! During the inspection we must describe the foundation, any limitations involved assessing it and any recommendations. Water and movement are two culprits that attack and destroy this vital aspect of the home. Home Inspectors will and should, look and inform YOU the client, evidence of either. Having a home inspection performed is essential in Home buying process. Back to that weakest link thing…….if you don’t get an home inspection, how will you ever know?

Difficult Times….Wise Decisions

Post Olympics, new Premier, gas at a buck 30, minimum wage at $8, offshore money flowing in with world unrest and people want to invest in real estate?……YES!!!. I’d like to believe we are savvy, intelligent and proactive. We are connected with social media, living for today and banking on tomorrow. We are either buying our first real estate investment or diversifying with potential rental units.

When you purchase either a new or used vehicle do you take it on a test drive or get your mechanic to look at it?? Due diligence, it is your fail safe. Be sure you are aware of what  you are getting yourself into…..CAVEAT EMPTOR!!

Yes the rambling finally came full circle but it was important to show how important this Industry is. A Home Inspection is a subject within the offer that show NEVER be excluded. Yes you may have looked at the place but are you able to dissect everything to a level that you’d be comfortable with? Don’t you want to know the In’s and outs of the unit or home. You need to protect your investment and your finances. Average home inspection is roughly .1% of the sale price, sounds like money well spent.

You’ve made the commitment to buy, commit to protection.